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Jason Richelson
CEO & Co-Founder, Bookkeep

Jason Richelson is CEO and Co-founder of Bookkeep, the smarter accounting automation platform for independent bookkeepers, accounting firms and growing businesses. Over 1500 ecommerce businesses, retailers, and restaurants generating billions in annualized revenue use Bookkeep to summarize sales into daily journal entries and reconcile payment deposits automatically. Jason has spent the past two decades deeply rooted in payments, business automation, and accounting systems. He began his career as a PricewaterhouseCoopers systems analyst before launching several companies, including, The Greene Grape Grocery, Simply Wine, and ShopKeep, a pioneering cloud-based point of sale system that has helped over 25,000 small retailers and entrepreneurs in the United States and Canada streamline their business operations and stay competitive. In 2021, Jason sold ShopKeep for $440M to Lightspeed (LSPD), the leading provider of cloud-based, omnichannel commerce platforms. In each of the companies Jason founded, he personally closed the books. He possesses both the technical knowledge of accounting and the business acumen to create financial products that help organizations of all sizes scale their operations. Jason has two patent filings under his name and has been nominated by EY as Entrepreneur Of The Year. In addition, Jason is a frequent keynote speaker and author on point of sale, e-commerce, card payment systems, and automated accounting integrations.

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