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Joe Tidwell
CEO & Founder, Synergy Restaurant Management

Meet Joe, a visionary entrepreneur who embarked on a remarkable journey starting Synergy from scratch in 2018. Joe fearlessly pursued his dream, fueled by determination and a relentless work ethic. Through countless late nights and early mornings, Joe's unwavering commitment has transformed Synergy into a thriving enterprise. Now with over 60 employees in 17 different states and 2 countries, together Synergy serves over 200 diverse restaurants nationwide and generates an impressive $3.7 million in revenue. Outside of his entrepreneurial ventures, Joe embodies versatility and fervor. Joe is passionate about nature, often seeking solace in outdoor adventures like hiking and camping. He also enjoys diving into captivating books, exploring different worlds through literature. Additionally, he's an avid chess player, relishing the intellectual challenges and strategic gameplay the game provides. Fluent in Spanish, Joe savors the chance to indulge in a delicious taco whenever it crosses his path. Yet, amidst his myriad interests, Joe's heart lies with his most cherished role—that of the 'Big Fella' to his beloved daughters and son. Above all, Joe's journey epitomizes resilience, ambition, and the unwavering dedication to both his professional success and his cherished family.

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