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Kirstin Reeder
Founder & CEO, Purple Sapphire Business Solutions

Meet Kirstin Reeder, the driving force behind Purple Sapphire Business Solutions. As founder and CEO, Kirstin leads her boutique firm based in Aurora, Colorado, offering specialized bookkeeping and tax services to clients nationwide. With a focus on precision, Purple Sapphire specializes in bookkeeping tailored to the unique needs of the travel and tourism industry. Additionally, Kirstin's firm extends its expertise to a diverse range of small businesses and their owners, providing comprehensive tax solutions. A graduate of Bookkeeper Launch, Kirstin's journey into the realm of accounting services began with a vision. Building on her experience and client base, she expanded her offerings by becoming an Enrolled Agent, dedicated to maximizing her clients' tax savings. Kirstin's approach is straightforward: she's committed to keeping her clients' money where it belongs, away from excessive taxation and out of the government's pockets. Through meticulous bookkeeping and strategic tax planning, she empowers her clients to achieve financial success on their terms. Outside of her professional endeavors, Kirstin finds fulfillment in life's simple pleasures. Whether she's enjoying the beach, spending time with friends, indulging in crochet projects, or relishing moments with her grandbabies, Kirstin embraces each experience with genuine enthusiasm.

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