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Valerie Johnson
Founder - Profit Meadow Bookkeeping

Valerie Johnston is the owner and founder of Profit Meadow Bookkeeping. She launched her business in 2017 after hearing about a guy named Ben Robinson. In a prerecorded video, Ben told her she could start her own business and stay home with her infant daughter. She believed him. Valerie is the author of two Amazon Bestsellers in nonfiction: D.I.Y. Bookkeeping and Minimalism for Business Owners. She also writes paranormal romance novels. In her debut novel, she wrote a present-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast where the GIRL is the beast. She is currently writing a 16-book series in the paranormal romance genre. In addition to a business owner, bookkeeper, and author, Valerie is also a Christian, wife, mother, artist, minimalist, and dreamer.

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